Linux programming -ipc
advance kernel programming
advance kernel programming

Linux Programing-IPC

Understanding Linux Process Model and User Space Programming using IPC (Inter-Process Communication) Methods

Duration: 30 Hours

Topics :

  • Understanding Multitasking and Process Model.
  • How Processes get created on Linux, Creating Processes Programmatically.
  • Signals Handling in Linux
  • Users & Groups Concepts in Linux
  • Using Linux and POSIX Timers.
  • Understanding and Using Pipes & FIFOs
  • Using Files and File Locking Techniques
  • Understanding Shared Memory Concept, Creating Shared Memory between multiple processes to pass large data.
  • Mapping Files into Shared Memory
  • Synchronization and Race Conditions
  • Using SystemV Semaphores for critical sections.
  • Using POSIX Semaphores
  • Understanding & Using Message Queues
  • Understanding Threads Model in Linux.
  • POSIX Thread Implementation
  • Writing Multi-Threaded Programs.
  • Using IPC in Multi-Threading
  • Network Programming using sockets
  • Writing Client/Server Programs using Multi-threading.

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