Linux programming -ipc
advance kernel programming
advance kernel programming

Linux Basic Module

Introduction to Linux Operating System and How to use Linux in Desktop Environment

Duration: 8 Hours

Topics :

  • Evolution and Introduction of Linux Operating System.
  • Various Linux Distributions (Distros)
  • Users & Groups Concepts in Linux
  • Linux File System and Directory Structure
  • File Access Permissions for User, Group and Others
  • Working with File and Directories
  • Relative and Absolute Paths, Traversing thr’ directories.
  • Linux VFS (Virtual File System) Overview
  • Process Management
  • Starting Programs and Handling Processes
  • Important Shell Commands : Basic, File & File Contents Access Commands,File System Commands, System Commands
  • File Editors : vi , nano, gedit
  • Installing Packages : apt-get , Ubuntu Software Centre
  • Using GCC Compiler
  • Writing a simple “Hello World” Program and compiling and running it.
  • Using GNOME Various Desktop Facilities
  • Configuring Networking for IPv4 Addresses for Manual/Auto modes.
  • Using tar, unzip Programs.

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